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“Runaway Model” by MellowDramma

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They say I’m

such a beautiful woman

Such a beautiful piece

Such a treat for the eyes

All the boys want a piece

They say I’m a beautiful woman

And beautiful women are lucky

Said if you stay this beautiful

You could make some money

So tall so slim

So easy to pick up

Such an easy target

Come here

Have a coffee

Lets link up

Let’s talk pretty things

You’re so beautiful

Show me your limbs

Is that a scar

Stand up

Take off your clothes

Too many inches can you shed those

Pretty eyes

But why so tired

Eat that again and you’ll be fired

So pretty lets take a picture

Why so stiff, can we fix her?

Suck in your stomach

Smile more

Did you work out?

But are you sore?

Hunny baby

How old are you

16 ? My daughter is too

Between me and you

Sex sells

And if you’re sexy

You’ll sell well

I’ll take you overseas

So far you’ll forget your name

Have you starving

You’re so dizzy

You won’t remember why you came

Come, show some more

Show a bit less

Bite your lips

Get undressed

Give me more

Don’t be a whore

Sure you’re 16

But isn’t this what you’re longing for

People love you

People will envy you

People will want you

More than you’ll want yourself

People will see you

People will lust you

People will know you

As a product on a shelf

You’ll get attention

They’ll give you affection

Look at your complexion

Where are you crying

Why don’t you puke

Why did you eat

You reek of defeat

Are you even trying

Aren’t I so pretty

Like a prey to the hounds that hunt my flesh

You all want a piece don’t you

You’ve sexualised the parts of me I never got the chance to love, to see

You’ve picked me to pieces and measured my worth

Call me pretty like that’s all I’m worth

Why do you say that

Please don’t say that

Stop fucking saying that

As you smother me in admiration

I’m trying to escape your appeal through starvation

Maybe if I was smaller you’d leave me alone

You wouldn’t want me if I was skin and bone

You make me want to hide

I bury myself

In chest binder

Sport bra

Tank top



Baggy pants

Lowered my voice

Tried to look big and tall

But it only made you wonder what was

beneath it all

Is this what you wanted

For me to cater my mere existence to your gaze

I’ve made myself small enough

For you to pick me up

And throw me against the wall

And I’ll only scream when you ask me to

I’ll do what you want me to

And toss me away once you’ve had enough

They say I’m such a beautiful woman

That beautiful women are lucky

But beautiful women are nothing but beautiful women

In the eyes of men

Starving and hungry.

Marie is a Hatian-Canadian queer multidisciplinary artist, model, self-published poet, and social support worker.

Her poetry explores themes of love, peace, identity, vulnerability, and the pressure to conform to toxic and harmful beauty ideals.

Marie’s goal with her art and poetry is to help people feel a deeper connection, not only to their own emotions, but to the experiences and feelings of others as well.

To find more of Marie’s work, you can connect with her on Instagram at @MellowDramma.

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